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Past performance of specific investment advice should not be relied upon without knowledge of certain circumstances of market events, nature and timing of the investments, and relevant constraints of the investment. Tactive has presented information in a fair and balanced manner.

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The use of Tactive Robo Advisory Services (Tactive) will produce simulations and statistical analysis that present the likelihood of various investment outcomes if certain investments are made in certain investment strategies or styles are undertaken, thereby serving as an additional resource to investors in the evaluation of the potential risks and returns of investment choices. Tactive uses risk tolerance, goal-based investment assumptions and chooses the types of strategies and investments based upon a client’s responses to the risk management questionnaire. Tactive has the following limitations when it comes to investment choices which may exclude certain asset classes that we deem to be either too pricey or lack of data outweighs the potential benefit gained from their inclusion in the portfolio strategy. All results may vary with each use and over time. Tactive generates outcomes that are hypothetical in nature.

Tactive determines which investment to select by using the data the client inputs based upon their risk tolerance and investment objectives, and the tool favors certain investments based upon the models, strategies, and methodologies of the Strategists that are available on the Tactive. Other investments not considered may have characteristics similar or superior to those being analyzed.

If the use of index-based data is used to provide the performance data that could be achieved by a portfolio, this is hypothetical in nature and needs to be disclosed as such, but if an index is used as a performance benchmark in an advertisement, this is not hypothetical and can be disclosed as such.

Disclosure for the Tactive Models
The hypothetical performance results shown are compared to the performance of the respective model as compared to its respective benchmark listed below. The return comparison indices shown were selected by Tactive to show a comparison of the different equity allocation levels. The performance indicated for the model portfolios is back-tested. Back-tested performance is NOT an indicator of future actual results.

  • Very Conservative Blend Model (comparison 100% AGG to Tactive)
  • Conservative Blend Model (comparison 60% SPY and 40% AGG to Tactive)
  • Balanced Blend Model (comparison 70% SPY and 30% AGG to Tactive)
  • Adventurous Blend Model (comparison SP 500 Total Return Index to Tactive)
  • Very Adventurous Blend Model (comparison SP 500 Total Return Index to Tactive)

The aforementioned is a hypothetical performance-based report that is designed to meet the risk tolerances highlighted within each report. Each report uses a proprietary Tactive Model and compares it with a specific benchmark to indicate a hypothetical result. Readers of the information contained in this model report should be aware that any action taken by the viewer/reader based on this information is taken at their own risk. This information does not address individual situations and should not be construed or viewed as any type of individual or group recommendation. The graphs and charts within this report are not to be considered as an investment strategy alone but are only informational and should only be considered with the assistance of a financial professional.

The performance shown represents only the results of Tactive Models for the stated risk tolerances and for the time periods where the Tactive Models did not currently exist, and therefore back-tested results are being presented. Back-tested performance results are created by applying an investment strategy to historical market data. The goal is to show performance returns that theoretically would have been achieved if the investment approach had been in existence during the periods shown. Backtested results have the benefit of hindsight and do not reflect actual results.

These hypothetical performance results include the reinvestment of dividends or other earnings and include the advisory fee of 0.65%, thus creating a Net Result of Advisory fees. This fee is being used as a model fee, the fee that an investor may actually pay could be higher or lower than the model fee indicated here. Performance does not reflect the deduction of other fees or expenses, including but not limited to brokerage fees, custodial fees, and fees and expenses charged by mutual funds and other investment companies.

Historical returns data has been compiled using price data provided by exchanges and not from actual accounts and should therefore be considered to be hypothetical. Historical returns data is generated by applying the current models to the historical time frames using exchange-provided price data.

The results are theoretical and do not reflect any investor’s actual experience with owning, trading, or managing an actual investment account. Thus, the performance shown does not reflect the impact that material economic and market factors had or might have had on decision making if actual investor money had been managed.

The data used to calculate the model performance was obtained from sources deemed reliable and then organized and presented by Tactive.

For more information on our disclaimers, please visit tactivewealth.com/disclaimers

The results do not represent actual trading, and actual results may significantly differ from the theoretical results presented.
All investments come with a risk of loss of funds.